Our menu features kaiseki ryori (traditional multi-course Japanese fine cuisine) carefully prepared with a variety of ingredients from Shimane Prefecture and seafood from the Sea of Japan.


Kaiseki Dining

Zensai (Seasonal appetizer)

9 varieties of seasonal delicacies

Maezakana (Appetizer)

Snow crab Bofu Lemon Tosa vinegar

Owan (Soup appetizer)

Taro paste cake in Japanese sauce

Tsukuri (Sashimi)

4 varieties of fresh fish caught from the sea

Shinogi (Salad)

Soba (buckwheat) salad

Shiizakana (Cooked dish)

Nodoguro fish grilled with salt

Atsumono (Warm Dish)

Seafood in creamy sauce covered by tofu skin

Yakimono (Grilled Dish)

“Izumo Amago” Wagyu beef grilled on a special pottery plate

Shokuji (Rice)

“Koshihikari” rice from Shimane Prefecture

Tome-wan (Soup)

Red miso soup

Konomono (Pickles)

Pickled radish and carrots Stewed kelp Pickled soba


Two varieties of desserts

*The menu is subject to change according to availability of ingredients.

* Dinner seatings begin from 18:00 / 18:30 / 19:00 hours. Guests are requested to select their preferred time.


Please enjoy our “Sampo Breakfast of Good Fortune” to commemorate your visit to the Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine, known for its “God of Matchmaking”.
The wooden platter in the center contains 3 bowls representing the auspicious ingredients associated with the Taisha. It is also served with a healthy juice made from the medicinal herbs of Izumo.

*Sampo is the platter used for offering food to the Gods.

Breakfast seatings begin from 7:00 / 7:30 / 8:00 hours. Guests are requested to select their preferred time.


Our spacious dining room overlooking the garden.
Please enjoy your meal while taking in the relaxing view.